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We are really happy to welcome you all back! We want you to stay safe while being extremely positive and making you enjoy to the fullest! Share this feeling with us.


Spread joy and dance and give yourself the chance to smile and gift this to others!

We offer you Solo Classes and Partnerwork workshops as well because now it´s time to uplift our community, to let everybody adjust to this current reality at their own pace… To pick up our passion with renewed energy and appreciation, to feel encouraged and inspire others to feel so too.

Be brave and give yourself the chance to try new styles and explore your own movement. Why not? After all we appreciate now more than ever what we had, and what we did. Now its time to embrace it!


Cant wait to see you all soon!
Much Love , your MyDance Team

Unsere Präventionskonzept - ab 1. Juli 2021. - Click here

  • Starting July 1st, we are back in the studio offering Solo and Partnerwork in an ample variety of dance styles and levels. 

  • Secure your spot with a sign-up or come spontanously to the studio. Workshops need to be booked in advance trough our website if you want to be sure you can participate.
    More info on how to book and register below**


  • Classes can be purchased with a 4er Block, 8er Block or Drop-In pass. And ALL YOU CAN DANCE Pass is back! 
    The classes will be filled in a “first come first serve”-basis. 



NO, you don´t have to wear “MNS-Schutz” while you are participating in the classes.


  • Of course washing hands and all the common knowledge rules
    & “Hausverstand” apply (washing hands, no hand shake etc.)


  • In the Studio before you enter and also inside you will find the official safety instructions displayed. 

  • Please make sure that you read, follow and accept those before you enter the workshops.

YES there will be partnerwork classes

  • Now you can come with your partner or alone.

  • We will offer the possibility to change partner.
    But you can decide to stay only with your fix partner.

  • There will be Limited Spots available per class. They need to be booked online or by coming to the studio.



  • Can I just come to the Studio and book there? 
    Yes, but please sign-up per email if you would like to secure your spot.

  • Please bring your own bottles of water as we cannot offer other possibilities due to safety regulations

  1. Register in our Eversports - System

  2. You can pay online or iin cash in the studio before the classes.



Haven’t met us before? Then…Where have you been???

A little about us…

MyDanceVienna is a central Viennese-based Latin dance school that has an overflowing community of diverse students who share the same passion for dancing and a love for life just as much as we do! 


Are you looking to brighten the colours in your life? Have you ever wanted to start dancing but didn’t know where to start? If you’re lacking that extra confidence you need then we are here to help.  

And No, we are not just any dance school. 


Our dance studio is not JUST about learning how to dance, learning the correct techniques to properly lead and follow, learning to respect others on the dance floor, learning to dance to the music by developing your musicality skills and so forth… No, no – this is just the beginning. 


DANCING is about presenting yourself with confidence from your head to feet. The MyDance Team is a group if incredibly diverse and talented people who love the dancing world and have trained their skills through hardwork, endless practice and a great deal of patience... and now they are here to pass it on! 

We offer a wide range of classes to match your skills…


The MyDance Vienna Team is a group of dynamic individuals, trained each in their own individual style of dance to teach MyDance students.

Every member of the team has excellent English skills which facilitate your learning in the studio or online! 

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